I still say we don't get snows out here on the farm like we used to when I was a kid. I'll stand by that. But, occasionally we get a good one.
   On this and the following three pages are some photos taken of a snow that fell January 10, 2006. This was two days after a record breaking high temperature day. Snowfall amounts in our county pretty much ranged from 10-12 inches, although one area reported 15 inches.

Junco wondering where the feeders went! They're buried under snow!

Clump of cedars and other trees at one corner of the yard.

Limbs are getting heavy!

Hmmmm.....now I know there's seed under there!

Snowin and blowin...thankfully we didn't have strong winds.

Snow got heavy at times.

Clear the runway! I'm comin in for a landing!

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